The venue for Thursday 15th and Friday 16th will be:

cfv4Club Financiero de Vigo

Avenida de García Barbón, 62

36201, Vigo (Spain)


How to get there…

Seia-m’eu na ermida de San Simion

e cercaron-mi as ondas que grandes son.

At the chapel of St. Simon I happened to be

surrounded by huge waves that enclosed me.

Meendinho (XIIIth Century)

For the closing day sessions on the 17th, to celebrate (literally) the conference’s final day in a place surrounded (literally, too) by history and medievalism, we’ll move to the Illa de San Simón (St. Simon’s Isle :, an island of medieval poetic resonance due to its connection with the greatest 13th Century galician-portuguese troubadours Martín Codax, Johán of Cangas and Meendinho. Transportation to and from the Isle will be provided by the Organizing Committee.

 More info, in English, on San Simón: